How do I choose the university that suits my needs?

choose the university

We can say that the university is the last stage of our education, but it is also the beginning of our life in several senses of the word.

Among the 130 universities that exist in the United Kingdom, finding the one that suits you and reflects your personality and your goals in life, are the most important criteria to remember. Having completed my undergraduate degree, I can confirm that I made the right choice in choosing Keele University. However, when I started my research, I was attracted by many universities and courses before refining my criteria based on a few determining elements.

I was very lucky because I knew I wanted to go to college long before it was time to make my choice. My two older brothers both went to college, and shared with me their experience of independence, freedom, and learning about a subject they were passionate about.

Choose your course wisely

I had decided that I wanted to study my favorite subject and so I started looking for courses in English Literature. This choice of subject was obvious to me from the start, but a good way to start is to focus on a subject that appeals to you and try to ask yourself if you think this subject will interest you for three years .

find out more about the UNIVERSITY OF YOUR CHOICE

A brochure can give you all the information you need such as the options and prices of the residence halls available, how the courses are taught, the equipment, images

Brochures are undoubtedly very useful resources and I recommend that you consult as many as possible before starting your own research . However, when you’re thinking about where you’ll be spending the next three years, nothing beats a campus tour , either on an open house, or one that you can organize yourself.

My first impression of Keele was on a wet spring day, which did not reflect the sunny photos in the brochure. In a way, it was better to see the reality of the place during the whole year. Can you imagine living on campus, going to class every day, or just hanging out with your friends in the common parties?


A very important element in choosing your university is of course the geographical location.I wanted to prove to everyone that I was independent and that everything would be fine no matter the distance. So I had started to prospect in a perimeter of a minimum of three hours from my home. As I progressed in my research, I realized that the elements concerning the choice of the region and the ease of transport were as important as the distance itself. When I first became interested in Keele, the proximity to London, Birmingham and Manchester struck me as very interesting.

At first I was worried that campus would make me claustrophobic, but after three years I know it was the right choice for me. I was able to save money by spending less on transport and taxis during my outings, or less pleasant, sleepless nights spent in the library. I think it was also easier to find my bearings and make friends at the beginning of my studies.


It is impossible to avoid the topic of rankings when talking about universities.. However, I advise you to vary the ranking criteria you look at . The National Student Survey (NSS) assesses student satisfaction, as well as whether they are satisfied with the level of teaching and the quality/price ratio.

There are a lot of things to consider, and it’s not always an easy decision, but choosing the right university for you is important

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