7 well-paid jobs for a woman

jobs for a woman

The question of the emancipation of women appears as one of the main contemporary struggles. In the workplace, the phenomenon is also noticeable. Here is an article that looks into the subject. I suggest you discover some well-paid jobs for a woman.

The reality of women’s wages today

Although the disparities between men and women have been reduced for several years, the gap is still present and substantial. Women, for the same jobs, often have a lower salary than their male counterparts.

Luxury real estate agent

Within the field of real estate, the Luxury Real Estate Agent is the first profession of my selection. Unlike the classic real estate agent, the luxury real estate agent is self-employed. This is a sector that has fewer women. However, they have all the required qualities, which makes it a well-paid job for the fairer sex.

interior designer

Specialist in decoration, the interior designer designs and carries out the layout of interior spaces. It’s a profession that pays women well, as in architecture in general. Indeed, an interior designer can pocket up to €5,000 gross per month.

female interior designer

However, the profession is very demanding in terms of access. You need at least a Bac +4 or +5 to be able to practice as an interior designer, and above all to obtain a diploma from a school

Event organizer

Less known to the general public, the organization of events is a profession worthy of interest. The role of the professional is to design and carry out an event in accordance with the needs expressed by the client. It’s a demanding job that requires you to have a creative mind, a very advanced sense of listening as well as excellent managerial and marketing skills.

Craft trades

It is crazy to see how craftsmanship is denigrated in our country. However, all these professions which are often practiced after diplomas such as the BEP and the CAP offer real fulfillment… and good salaries!

For example, the baker is par excellence a craftswoman – trader. Here, you produce and then market bread and its varieties. Although accessible on a work-study basis (on your own account and/or in a bakery – pastry shop), you must have a professional diploma to exercise it. A CAP baker could well be enough for you to get started in this profession.


Women are also well paid in the pharmaceutical sector, such as the profession of pharmacist. As a drug specialist, it is a profession that opens up to several sectors of activity (distribution circuit, sales and advice, hospital, army and firefighters, education and research, industry, biology, institutions and regulatory bodies for the medication…).

well paid female pharmacist

The salaried pharmacist generally earns around €2,000 to €2,500 net per month. This remuneration may vary according to your seniority, your location or the salary policy in the pharmacy.

Artist makeup

The make-up artist works for the organization of shows of all kinds, whether live or recorded. This is the kind of professional often called upon for the filming of films, series, theater, etc. Often practiced independently, makeup requires a professional degree. On average, the daily salary varies between €150 and €180 gross in television and between €200 and €2,500 gross in the cinema. This makes it a well-paid job for the woman who exercises it.

There are still several sectors of activity offering well-paid jobs for women. Music, sports, anthropology are some illustrations of the variety of professions available.

Suffice to say that women can now exercise any profession in the same way as a man. You should never hesitate to study the salaries in your universe and ask for a salary equivalent to that of your male colleagues.

Do not hesitate to change employers if your salary as a woman is insufficient. Indeed, it is legitimate to apply for other positions with a small salary increase compared to the previous position. Changing often therefore favors a faster rise in salaries than staying in a company with a strict salary increase policy.

Why go to a specialized job search site?

It turns out that according to the latest statistics, quite a number of French women want to change their lives and therefore they are looking for a job that can finally meet all their requirements but also with a salary worthy of the name. As you have seen, the reality of wages is very worrying for women who are not always well regarded compared to men.

choose the type of contract you want as well as the different salary expectations available. Also be sure to find out about the different companies in which you are going to apply to make sure that the atmosphere is cordial: you could come across very good surprises!

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